OBS sterilizable metallic box, comes with the purchase of the OBS Super Set or it can be purchased alone. It is very useful for busy offices since it can be sterilized together with the whole set in case many patients are scheduled for placement of TADs on the same day.

OBS Super Set, contains 45 mini screws together with the screwdriver, 3 blades and the sterilizable metallic box. The whole set can be sterilized and be ready to use. It can be used for more than one patient since the blade is detachable and it can be changed before moving to the next patient.


Created by Dr. Chris Chang, OBS is made of medical grade, stainless steel and titanium, and is highly praised by doctors for its simplistic design, low failure rate and excellent quality. OBS is your must-have secret weapon for maximum, reliable anchorage.




The groundbreaking idea that was presented by OBS is the placement of these mini-implants in extraradicular anatomic structures, allowing the clinician to overcome the biggest constraints of traditional mini-implants: the limitation in the range of tooth movement on the sagittal plane due to the proximity of those mini-implants to the roots of the teeth. Placing OBS mini-implants in the extraradicular anatomic structures allows the clinician to treatment plan much more significant sagittal corrections and at the same time forget about the headache associated with the high chances of root trauma that come with the traditional intraradicular mini-implants placement.



Type & Size  Indication Location Position
1.5 (1.5x8mm) Premaxilla Intrusion (solving Gummy Smile) Between Upper central & lateral incisors’ roots 1
2.0 (2x12mm)

Maxillary Retraction

Palatal Impaction

Mandibular Retraction



Buccal Shelf (BS)




2.7 (2x14mm, with holes)

Mandibular Retraction

Upper Impacted Cuspid

Horizontally Impacted 3rd Molar

Mandibular Protraction

Buccal Shelf (BS) & 3D Lever Arm

IZC (3D Lever Arm)

Ramus (for thick soft tissue)

Buccal Shelf (BS)





Sterilization instructions

OBS Screws are delivered in a non-sterile package and should be sterilized with the insertion devices, including handles and blades, before use. The following sterilization protocols can also be applied to the stainless steel storage case.

Method of sterilization:
1. Steam sterilization in an autoclave is recommended at a temperature of 121C/ 249F with a minimum of 25 minutes.
2. Temperature higher than the recommended level may cause markings fading over time.
3. It’s recommended to use distilled water only. Tab water or water with a high concentration of minerals will leave water stains which can be removed by wiping with fingers and/or alcohol wipe. However the stain will not cause damage to the instruments nor affect sterilization.
4. The sterilized screws/devices should be removed and can be dried with a disinfected cloth after the procedure. Do not keep the sterilized items in a humid environment over an extended period of time.

OBS Tutorial

OBS-1. Assemble

OBS-2. Buccal Shelf

OBS-3. Palate

OBS-4. Infra-Zygomatic Crest

OBS-5. Removal

OBS-6. 3D Lever Arm

OBS-7. Fabricate 3D Lever Arm

OBS-8. Edentulous

OBS Advanced Application

Class III-Buccal Shelf 2.0

Class II-IZC 2.0

Upper Impaction IZC 2.0

Combined Orhto

Gummy Smile

Anterior Position

Deep & horizontal Impaction

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