About Us

Our company Sercom was created by Orthodontists for Orthodontists. It is based in Cyprus and represents the Taiwanese producing company Newton. For the past two years we are proud to stand as the exclusive providers of the OBS system in Eastern Europe, Greece and Cyprus. We understand the hard work that our fellow Orthodontists put in their everyday practices and hence we decided to upgrade our website and offer the convenience to our loyal customers of ordering our products online, starting January 2020. We thank you for your service to your communities and for joining us to this leap forward to the future of smile design.

The OrthoBoneScrew (OBS) system introduces an innovative new way of mini-implant placement. Conceived by Dr. Chris Chang in Taiwan, this system soon became one of the most popular mini-implant systems world-wide. Its simplicity and revolutionary technique brought new frontiers to treatment planning providing state-of-the-art Orthodontic practices with a new tool in their toolbox.

Another unique idea that the OBS system brings to the mini-implant world is the exclusive rectangular hole in the base of the head of these mini-implant. Clinicians used to encounter the extra concern of the rectangular-wire power-arm rotating inside the round hole of traditional mini-implants, a concern that nowadays is history. Rectangular-wire power-arms are easily inserted in the rectangular holes and are stabilized throughout treatment.


The groundbreaking idea that was presented by OBS is the placement of these mini-implants in extraradicular anatomic structures, allowing the clinician to overcome the biggest constraints of traditional mini-implants: the limitation in the range of tooth movement on the sagittal plane due to the proximity of those mini-implants to the roots of the teeth. 

Placing OBS mini-implants in the extraradicular anatomic structures allows the clinician to treatment plan much more significant sagittal corrections and at the same time forget about the headache associated with the high chances of root trauma that come with the traditional intraradicular mini-implants placement.


Chris Chang