OBS – Super Set – 2.0


OrthoBoneScrew – Super Set kit 2.0 – Includes a box (1), handle (1), blade extended (3), Mushroom 1.5 (6), Mushroom 2.0 (33) and Mushroom 2.7 with holes (6).

Ortho Bone Screw – Super Set Kit – 2.0

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Description Length(mm) Width(mm) Hight(mm) Weight(g)
OBS 1.5 11.5 3 3
OBS 2.0 15.8 3 3
OBS 2.7 17.8 3 3

Sterilization instructions

OBS Screws are delivered in a non-sterile package and should be sterilized with the insertion devices, including handles and blades, before use. The following sterilization protocols can also be applied to the stainless steel storage case.

Method of sterilization:
1. Steam sterilization in an autoclave is recommended at a temperature of 121C/ 249F with a minimum of 25 minutes.
2. Temperature higher than the recommended level may cause markings fading over time.
3. It’s recommended to use distilled water only. Tap water or water with a high concentration of minerals will leave water stains which can be removed by wiping with fingers and/or alcohol wipe. However, the stain will not cause damage to the instruments nor affect sterilization.
4. The sterilized screws/devices should be removed and can be dried with a disinfected cloth after the procedure. Do not keep the sterilized items in a humid environment over an extended period of time.

Additional information

Weight 0.367 kg
Dimensions 11.5 × 7 × 2.9 cm